Oldie but a goodie

This product was ambitious, Our mission to give flexibility and convenience to home inspectors. Back in the day, when Large Banks were just hookin up their inspector buddies to over evaluate homes, which eventually lead them to making a movie called The Big Short. Regulation changed how inspectors go about doing their day jobs.

EXOS allowed inspectors to share personal calendars with us and in-return we would fill their calendars with inspection appointments. Cutting out the process of 'Oh let me check my calendar' Or 'I missed the call so I missed out on work' scenario.

We interviewed hundreds of advisors across the country to understand their daily process and how we can improve their day to day. Some key take aways:

EXOS Eco System

We started with the Appraiser experience followed by the Internal product for our Underwriters than quickly tackling a consumer product. This was a true end to end experience.

Appraiser App

With so much movement we had a lot of challenges along the way. Something we had to pin down was how the ticketing worked with multiple appraisers in a single areas. Assigning internal scores to inspectors and making sure professionals were rewarded and new comers could work their way up.

Consumer App

Our Consumer product handled direct orders from home buyers. This improved our over all closing time. Consumers could skip the wait while their banks called multiple appraisers.