Barstool Sportsbook

I know you either Love'em or Hate'em 🔍

Barstool has been a very hot conversation when asked at the coffee shop "So you're an app designer, what apps do you work on".

On paper, Barstool is a sports betting competitor with a unhesitating brand. This combo helps opens the doors for a lot of fun exploration for gambling. These degenerate gamblers want a path of least resistance when it comes to their bets. Some more skilled users get tired of digging to find one all-star ping pong player thats cookin' the Russian table top games. Our challenge is to offer a more direct path hunting down props for new and power users.

The big Q, Where the Hell does it live 💡

If you could have been a fly on the wall during the architecture meetings. We had Product/Business wanting it in one area, Design trying to consolidate locations and Research advocating for obvious and simple. The best course of action in any product disagreement, just ask the users.

My fellow researcher and I set up an unmoderated userzoom test asking 24 users to complete a series of tasks. 12 users got option A and 12 got option B. The tasks started out simple, 'Can you find the Greenbay Packers' then progressively more difficult, Like 'can you find this obscure Tour de France athlete'. Our findings started to lay the ground work for our users experience.

Devils in unexpected details 📚

Not all challenges were architecture or moving squares. A searching features is only good as the results shown. PM and I studied ways of grouping and weighting results that depended on the sports season, This way when a user searched for Ducks we arent showing them Anaheim Ducks while Oregon Ducks were about to take the field.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle 🎨

In the final sag, I was able to deliver a tool that was not only 'new' user friendly but very powerful for existing users. For users that are trying to bet on all the quarterbacks yards on the upcoming Sunday, They no longer would need to jump through breadcrumbs but users could now discover props and add them directly to their betslip without leaving the search experience.