TheScore Bet

Finding my Bearings πŸ“

When I first joined Penn Entertainment, They were in the middle of a re-org with the most recent purchase of TheScore. I landed as the Senior designer for the Engagement team. Where our crew of misfits were in-charge of improving and delivering new features that would bring existing users back to our product.

Product Stages πŸ—ΊοΈ

Before I dive into bite size explanation of my process, Im going to assume that we've all seen the Double Diamond Framework in one shape or another. I try and follow this blueprint for any features, updates, or changes when applicable.

User Engagement πŸ“±

How do we start to engage our users? Where are they most/least active areas in our experience. Many questions, we had little insight into. Best place to start was with our users. We began interviewing and tracking users emotions and thought process when placing a bet and noting areas of excitement as well as inactivity.

Defining πŸ—’οΈ

A consistent pattern began to emerge, Our users excitement to sharing their recently submitted parlays with their friends (Usually a group chat called something like "Ellen Degenerate Gamblers"). The Process of sharing usually consisted of a screenshot of 'My Bets' than spread across their social platforms. When we took a look at the data as well, This backed up our assumptions. We found thousands of screenshots a month being taken just on the 'My Bets' page. Our users seemed desperate for a way to share their hard research with their friends.

To succeed or not to succeed πŸ”¬

We wanted to align our concept with user expectations. We did a series of design iterations that would be used in testing to gather feedback on users intent.

Deliver πŸ†

We delivered a feature that was user driven by users intent. Enhancing the excitement users have when placing their bets. We also created a process that engaged their betting groups. The feature was overwhelmingly received by TheScore users producing thousands of shared links for users and their friends.

Privacy was a concern for users. By giving them an ability to hide and show their bet amounts improved their willingness to share

Consumption by users that click the like was as easy as opening the app and selecting the legs they wanted to add to their betslip

Informing users when they do screenshot that a share option has been added