Barstool Sportsbook offers online sports betting, allowing users to place bets on various sports events and casino games. The platform provides a range of betting options for their 115k monthly users, including traditional wagers and in-play betting.

We know from research and insights that our bettors actively participate in our apps most when researching odds and building parlays. Than there is no additional reason for the user to return to the experience until they need to review their settled bets.



How can we increase engagement in the app after placing a bet?


Deliver new or improved experiences that will reduce complaints and improve social and in-app engagement during the 'after bet' experience


Our Feature team was comprised of two designer (Senior & Associate), two PMs (Senior & Associate), and a Senior Researcher.


My Role

Some of my responsibilities as a Senior 

Product Designer was to: 

* Establish design timelines

* Share directions with stakeholders

* Delivering designs assets to Engineers

* Updating design systems elements

* Mentoring Junior Designers

Timeline & Process

This helps the team set expectations of deliverables and timelines. With this we can better involve our stakeholders and prime the pump on when they are to be involved.

Overall from Snout-to-tail, this took about 4 months of work from the Engagement Team.



To identify problems that exist within Barstool Sportsbook and the process placing a bet, We (Me & Researcher) created surveys and interview questions to discover the emotions and motivations around our users before, during and after an event.

After interviewing and surveying 40+ people and analyzing their responses, we had a better idea of what our users interests and motivations were:


Key Insights

* We know bettors actively participate in our apps most when researching and placing their bets, but more passively after placing a bet, despite it being reported as the most exciting time while sports betting.

* During games, Users most actively return to My Bets to review if their bets are able to cash-out. But they become frustrated when their isn't enough information of why their bet is unable to cash-out

* After home, my bets is the most viewed page from our bottom navigation, signally it’s being seen frequently. But not engaged with in a meaningful way since use cases for my bets page are minimal


Journey Map

Utilizing the interviews, we were able to establish a journey map that represents the amount of time users are spending on the app. We broke down each phase of the journey into bucket to better reduce what actions users are doing in each phase.

Research Behaviors
* Checking TheScore Media, ESPN, Twitter
* Discussing with friends/colleagues
* Looking for promos
* Checking event schedules

Placing Behaviors
* Building betslip
* Sharing potential bet with friends/colleagues

Event Behaviors
* Put phone/app away and watch event
* Check TheScore Media or ESPN for score/stat updates
* Check my bets page periodically
* Check my bets page frequently for cashout

User Persona

Frank, 32

* Lives in Brooklyn, NY
* Works a 9-5 desk job
* College educated
* Young family

Use Case
* Family man that enjoys discussing his bets with friends via a group chat

* Doesnt like betting on his own team, because sometimes betting can sour a team for them.

* Enjoys when his research pays off and shares with friends.

* Prefers taking low risks with low stakes but higher payout.



We gather our insights and brainstorm ways to improve the users experience then weight those ideas against the value it can bring to the business and how long it would take to ship them.

Content Architecture

In our unmoderated test we had users rank what was more important to them when reviewing their bets and talk us through what they are seeing, an how they interpret the data.

Design Components


Wireframes are where I can show case the good, the bad, the ugly. We can rapidly test out multiple ideas and experiences to get quick feedback from stakeholders. This gets us out in front of what data we have or will need to have on the front end or create on the backend before our engineers begin working.

Using and Maintaining a Design System

As the senior designer, I had to keep account of components we were using as well as log any component changes to submit to our in-house Design System Team.

Final Design

Layout Update

Users on average have 3 - 5 bets active on any given sports weekend. We are providing them a condense view to easily skim their active bets.

Active Bet Stats

Providing game stats associated with their props adds great return value for users.

Cash Out Education

Providing additional details on why they are unable to cash out their active bets will reduce calls and messages to the help center

Winning Awards

Providing additional details on why they are unable to cash out their active bets will hopefully reduce calls and messages to the help center


'Dark' & Light Mode

Penn Entertainment had two products (Barstool & TheScore) One that was a light version and the dark counterpart

iOS & Android

For our products, we relied on Operating system functionality and had to consider each platform differently.

And Finally Web

The Bigger fish to fry was moving our smaller components into the much larger horizontal platform that is web.

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